Cusco oil catch can

Engine provides PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) to the intake. It brings a lot of oily vapours in the intake. To keep turbo, intercooler, intake plenum and combustion chambers clean, PCV oil catch tank can be installed. I got a nice deal on ebay for CUSCO can.

Installation. Look at the intake rubber part before turbo, it has two rubber hoses connected. One is PCV and one is idle control. PCV comes right from onder the intercooler. Route some hose from here to the catch can, then other hose from catch tank to intake.

There is a lot of debate on forums wether the catch can should be installed. In early days PCV oil vapours helped out to lubricate valve seats, combustion chamber, etc. Maybe its just a myth. Wether you use a catch can or not, you should always connect PCV to intake to have vacuum in the crankcase, it helps the engine run better in the upper revs and helps seal the rings. In competition engines PCV is usually routed in the exhaust to get rid of it right away.

After engine rebuild, I got almost half a litre of oil + water in the catch can in a few months. Now it`s pretty empty after two years.

Cusco oil catch can

Cusco oil catch can installed in st185 enginebay, perfect location.

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