Bumper, plastic parts, and alarm installed

I had a few broken parts broken, so i replaced them with new ones. These are the broken ones. Along with the plastics I also bought new front grille for my old OEM ST185 bumper. All this time i had st182 bumper.

The grille was in red color, so i painted them black:

i lost my bumper grille, so i bought new ones in red color

oem bumper grille painted black

While changing the bumper I found my alarm horn, that had previosly stopped working. Since I was in www.carsound.lv garage, I decided to change the horn as well. Simple - cut wires and replace.

Here is the new horn compared to the old rusty one.

alarm horn
alarm horn installed 2
Here you can see the front bumper support bar. It`s huge and heavy. Since it was in accident 3 years ago, it`s really rusty..
oem bumper support. its huge and heavy. and rusty, since it was in accident.

oem bumper support of celica st185, another view
The old bumper with missing grille parts:
oem bumper st185
oem bumper back in place
Bumper finally installed with grille!
first pic of oem bumper installed back
Next on my list is fog lights, which I already ordered. I sold mine a year ago, since I wasnt using the OEM alltrac bumper. Stupid thing I did :) Also soon the oem st185 bumper will be replaced with CS/RC bumper and support bar, but that will happen only when my FMIC arrives and I get the IC piping done. for now the original will sit in its place and look good ;)
celica st185 original bumper
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