Toyota center Latvia, Celica st185 snow Today we (Celica club Latvia) were doing a photoshoot at the Toyota dealers "WESS Bergi" in Riga. So here is also a teaser pic from my iphone :D Lovely pic. For the photoshoot I decided to wait 2 days and drive around with the summer wheels. Getting used to them, but still too bad for safe driving in winter.
Changed the oil to Castrol Magnatec 5w40. Not sure if that was the best choice, but I was in desparate need of pouring out the 10w60 Formula RS, it was way too thick for -15 Celsius, the engine was struggling on startup to pump up the oil.
Oil temp sensor wiring still sucks, the gauge started to jump around.. need to change the wires. Don`t have the molding on the changed door also. And door lock - it doesnt work for locking with the remote! The remote can open the doors mechanically, but cannot lock. wtf?
After changing the door - Remote control doesnt lock the door, just activates alarm. It does however mechanically unlock the doors with press of button, but cannot lock, nothing happens just alarm activated and thats it. So now i lock the doors when stepping out of the car and then put the alarm on via remote..
Toyota center Latvia, Celica st185 snow

The knock sensor. On engine startups I can see that the CEL doesnt come up. After recording movies and inspecting I found out that the CEL comes up when slowly accelerating or keeping the RPMs at ~1700-1800. I do get some terrible vibration in the engine bay at that rotation speed. Will check what is vibrating.. here`s a video..
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