Did some stuff, installed HKS radiator cap on the new radiator, changed engine bay hoses to silicone colored. Put on some new R16 rims and Michelin X-Ice tires for winter. But disaster striked
For 8 days with the new radiator I was driving around totally fine. On the last evening I cruised around without pushing the car at all. On next morning one cilinder wasnt firing for 5 secs. Then blue smoke was coming out of exhaust while warming up. Cruised around the block and on one intersection there was nothing but white smoke behind my car. Head gasket is blown. The head probably warped when I overheated it after the drift sessions at the angar. For 4 days I didnt touch the car, then poured out the oil (like chocolate coctail) and radiator liquid, then flushed the engine twice with fresh oil, but still it came out creamy white with cooling liquid in the oil. Guys at the garage are taking off the head now. If it`s just the head gasked, I might replace it, maybe the bolts too. But I`ve read that the rod bearings are failing soon if they get to touch cooling liquid. If that happens or if the head or block is damaged, I dont know, might just part out the car, I`ve invested too much for the last 2 years and it still needs more and more. I`m looking forward to the FT-86 when its released, so maybe its time to save some money? But the Celica is too sweet, though its just a piece of steel. We will see.

HKS Radiator cap

HKS Radiator cap

HKS Radiator cap installed

HKS Radiator cap installed on new radiator.Toyota Celica gtfour st185 all-trac. 3sgte engine

silicone hose kit

silicone hose kit from Kelsport UK

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