project on hold

After all, it seems I had a worn out bearing after the radiator blowup. piston of #1 cylinder  was hitting the head and that blew the head gasket completely. Anyway, the head gasket was in terrible condition. A specialist took a look at the head and said that I would probably have to change the pistons as well and do a full rebuild. I dont have time and money for that now. My only options for now - change bearings and head gasket and valve cover gasket and hope that the engine lives. Otherwise I just put the car on hold and concentrate more on my social life and swap in a rev3 3sgte engine from st205 when I raise enough funds. Of course there are options to swap in a rev4 engine from st215 Caldina or 5VZ-FE 3.4L monster, but that involves too much work..Oh, and while I`m raising funds for the st205 engine, I`m selling some of the parts. so, anything from the engine, ECU, sensors, wiring. Also the ARC top mount intercooler, I guess I will put it on ebay. I can give away my OEM intercooler for a anything that is enough a good reason to walk to the post office ;) If I get the st205 engine, I`ll take it with transmission, so my old E151F tranny goes for sale.

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