Celica waiting, MR2 enters the scene

The ST185 makes me sad everytime I go to garage and pop the hood. The head is off, cylinders are taking some rust. I have not decided what to do with the engine - build it to stock, build it for power, or swap in something with low miles (rev2 or rev3 3sgte from st205?). Original engine has almost 300k km on the dial, Cylinders need to be rebored, so does the crankshaft. If cylinders are on original 86mm, I could try to do 86.5 which is the sice of pistons that come with the s2.2L stroker kit. It would include new crank and all the stuff that is screwed up. But the 300k kms scare me.
In the meantime I have decided to postpone headaches til winter. I`ve sold the HKS huge intercooler that was waiting to be fitted. I`ve sold the Toora R17 rims, that looked so good. All because I need money, lots of money to finish another project - Toyota MR2! Got it in good condition, but valve seals were gone. Shells and rings show a bit of wear and I decided to do engine overhaul. It`s a 1994 JDM MR2 3SGTE Rev3 with 241hp with 55k kilometers on the clock. I hope everything will turn out fine with the rebuild. I want a light RWD car for the summer, so Celica has to wait a bit.
While my two japanese cars are with empty enginebays, I got an old rusty BMW 318 to move around the city, visit garage, etc.. I must admint its fun to drive a cheap beater car that I dont have to worry about, because these cars cost as much as a set of 3SGTE piston rings. I could drive to death some 5-10 these BMWs at the same cost of a single 3SGTE rebuild, now where is the justice..

update: MR2 block cylinders are screwed, have to rebore. anyone needs STD size piston rings and metal head gasket?

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