MR2 SW20 Turbo

When the ST185 lost its bearings and probably everything else, I was looking for a new engine. So I was offered a 94 3SGTE with a car - 1990US spec MR2 with '94 JDM spec engine. It needed a rebuild, so I did it. Wanted to finish it before summer, but as it usually happens, it took more time. But now the car is finished right before winter. It drives great, much faster than the ST185 (of course). While it is a RWD car, I still don`t get the idea of the car other than being very fast - it can't be used for drifting on dry pavement because of the weight distribution (F43, R57) and manual steering gear, but quite useable on wet ;) I dont do autocross or drag racing or time attack. So basically it resembles its title - "a poor man`s Ferrari" - it drives fast, looks good, turns heads :) The interior is much nicer than what`s found in a Celica. It also has 2 trunks which I really like, as I always carry many tools and things in the car. I know how much faster it feels to drive with empty trunk, but I`m a lazy person and love to have everything with me :D
I probably mentioned that I bought Apexi PowerFC for the ST185 (conversion by BRASH-BOY) but still it needs rewiring and probably some sensors added (MAP, IAT, MAT). I uploaded a rev3 map to the PowerFC and tried on the MR2 - it ran nicely! But too rich and I have no time and money to tune it, so.. After changing some plans in my life I needed some money, so I sold the PowerFC, I also sold the HKS EVC :( So I still dont know what to do with the Celica, cause money is a problem right now, and if the head or block is damaged, I don`t know if I`m going to search for new parts to get the car back running. Searching for some time to get the engine inspected and then will update. I think the bearings are shot.
The MR2 came with Advan Model5 R17 wheels, but I`m not installing them back and need to sell them, cause they wont stay on the car for long, I live in terrible country where everything nice is stolen overnight. If anyone needs those wheels, let me know!

The "poor man's Ferrari":

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