SMD LED H3 fog lights

To get better looks, I installed LED type H3 fog lights. Just for the looks, they don`t help visibility at all.

st185 OEM fog lights

waxed, fogs installed

So I got bored with the yellowish lights and ordered some stuff from ebay:

H3 fog lights. SMD LED lights

These are typical 9 SMD LED fog light bulbs from ebay.

Animated GIF showing how bad the H3 LED fogs are in direct sunlight. low lighting.
st185 celica, fog light bulbs to H3 SMD LED diode lights

The fogs are almost unnoticable during day, but we have to have the fogs or low beams on during the day. Also we are not allowed to drive at night with the fogs on. whatever.. I will try some polishing of the fog lights, will see if it helps, since the wear is terrible.

At night:

SMD LED lights in fogs and parking bulbs

(Front lights. Parking and Fog lights changed to SMD LED diode lights)

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