2009-03-27 Brake pistons leaking oil

After the brake caliper repair the pistons/cilinders started to leak brake fluid. Seems that cleaning the pistons with brush took off the rust part and left enough space to leak oil. Here is an image that made it clear: http://www.turbocelica.lv/images/2009-03-27-brake-piston-caution

Seems I have to order new pistons and rebuild the brakes again..

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2009-03-26 Bumper, plastic parts, and alarm installed

I had a few broken parts broken, so i replaced them with new ones. These are the broken ones. Along with the plastics I also bought new front grille for my old OEM ST185 bumper. All this time i had st182 bumper.

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2009-03-18 Calipers repaired and intercooler washed

Yesterday got my brake calipers reconditioned - the main cylinders were rusty and stuck inside. Took about 4 hours for my friend to do it.

Meanwhile I washed my ARC top mount intercooler with 1.5liter of gas..

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2009-03-17 Accident in snow

I had a small accident this weekend - crashed the car while hafing fun on snow roads. The car sat completely on its engine, one rear wheel up. Luckily another some guy was driving by and gave me a shovel, took me about 30minutes of digging snow, still no luck,

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2009-01-27 Site update 27.01.2009

Moved car info to /about/ section. Image gallery added with some images, for now..

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